Saturday, May 1, 2010

Under Construction...

So just recently I got re-energized about family history and started randomly googling family names. What I was to discover was this wonderful blog where someone was listing out stories and memorabilia of their ancestors. Luckily for me some of our ancestors were the same and I found some fantastic stuff, anywhere from pictures, histories of their lives, to their obituary. It inspired me to do the same for my family history. Of course that was made easier with the arrival of a book about my great grandfather's life, thanks to my Great Aunt who took the time to compile it and generously provided a picture cd to go along. Also, I have commandeered my grandma's photo album and found all kinds of gems in there. It's all been very exciting to me this past month, and means I have gotten a lot less sleep and my house is filthy, but it makes me happy...stay tuned.

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