Monday, September 13, 2010

Mary Thomas' Picnic Club

So I am still diligently scanning and restoring my grandparent's photo album. I had to share this charming shot, to me it looks like something from a movie with their 1930's fashion. According to the inscription with the photo my great grandmother, Mary Ricks Thomas, had a "picnic club" and this is a shot from one of their picnics, taken July 4, 1931. I'm not sure who is in the picture as it did not say and I do not recognize anyone but I love it.

This other shot is a picture of my grandma, Ruth Thomas Dowdle, taken in 1943 when she was about 18. I've always loved this picture because I think the dress is just divine, I only wish I could have seen it in color. I was told it was a shade of aqua ...